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Uniform Information

We believe that coming to Alderwood in smart and appropriate clothing will encourage a sense of belonging. Although our pupils will attend for a relatively short time, we expect all pupils to wear our uniform which consists of a navy polo shirt and sweatshirt, black skirt or trousers and black, flat school style shoes. Parents will be offered the uniform for sale when they make their first visit to the unit.


The Dress Code

  • Dark, school-style trousers or skirt in black, dark grey
  • Flat, plain, black footwear
  • A navy Alderwood polo shirt (cost: £5.40 each)
  • A navy Alderwood sweat shirt (cost: £7.70 each)
  • PE kit, including suitable footwear for outdoor activities
  • Swimming kit


Unacceptable Items

  • Hooded tops
  • Caps unless asked to bring for an outdoor session.
  • Tops with prominent logos (other than school uniform)
  • Facial piercings as they pose a risk to health and safety
  • Large items of jewellery which pose a risk to health and safety


A letter is always sent at the start of term explaining what clothing needs to be brought on which days. A call home will be made if children arrive without suitable clothing and parents/carers asked to bring them into school. Suitable alternative clothing, for use within the school, will be provided for students who arrive inappropriately dressed.  Inappropriate jewellery can pose a risk to safety. Students will be expected to hand such items in for safekeeping, and collect these at the end of the school day.