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The School Day

Alderwood starting and finishing times for the week:


Monday and Tuesday: 9.15am to 3.00pm


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.15am to 2.15pm


These times resulted from a consultation with parents, staff and the Management Committee.


The afternoons at Alderwood are run as a half termly timetable of enrichment activities. This can be outdoor activities, e.g. horse riding, climbing, sailing, circus skills or design and technology, music, art and dance. During part of the spring and summer terms there will be a chance to take part each week in a learning expedition. In the spring the theme for this will be exploring and in the summer journeying.


Wednesday’s are designated PE lessons which take place at a local sports centre. There is also a regular weekly swimming session for the children.


Parents, carers and pupil are kept informed at the start of each half term as to which activities will take place, be given a timetable and also notified as to what clothing will be required.


We often use our minibus to take pupils to a wide variety of places of interest or to experience new and exciting activities. When these trips are provided as a normal part of the curriculum, or where they are a reward for especially good work and behaviour we do not make a charge for transport or admissions. Weekly visits to the sports centre, climbing wall, kayaking, horse riding or swimming pool are also an integral part of our provision.


In accepting a place at Alderwood, parents/carers give permission for their child to take part in these trips. There will, therefore, not be a regular need to sign consent forms for this sort of outing.


Where we arrange more substantial trips and outings, such as residential trips, visits to London or outings where there is an element of adventure, we will inform parents by letter and require a signed consent form. We will do the same when we are asking parents for a contribution payment when the activity is a voluntary one. Parents/carers are asked to make a contribution to the cost of these trips. Where this is difficult, they should contact the Headteacher to discuss spreading the cost.


It is our policy for all children to be invited on all trips. No child will ever be left out of an activity, voluntary or otherwise as a result of costs.