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Staff Members

Headteacher: Fran Alexander


Associate Headteacher: Janet Dickson - Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead


Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning: Giles Wright - Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead and Alternate PREVENT Lead


Assistant Headteacher - SEN: Lynsey Mitson - Designated Safeguarding Lead and PREVENT Lead


Teacher: Andy Butterfield - Form Tutor for KS2, Coordinator of Special Educational Needs (SENCO) and Designated Teacher for Children in Care (CIC)


Behaviour Support Assistants: Karen Garner, James Jennings, Carlos Johnson and Caroline Laws


Home/School Link Worker: Alice Gaffer - Alternate Designated Safeguarding Lead, Alternate PREVENT Lead and Online Safety Lead


School Business Manager: Katie Hazelton

Administrative Assistant: Phyl Daines


Head of Kitchen: Giselle Sayer


Bridge Team


Teacher: Tom Baker and Lauren Quigley


Instructor: Ben Renshaw


Behaviour Support Assistant: Caroline Krolik