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Pupils with Special Educational Needs


If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs, or a new Education and Health Care Plan, it will follow them to Alderwood. This means we will do our best to provide the child with the help they need to succeed, as outlined in their Statement / Plan.#


The Statement / Plan will be reviewed each year. If the Annual Review is due while a child is at Alderwood, it will be carried out here, or at the child’s school, whichever is best for the parents, carers and the child. Parents/carers and children will be invited to the Annual Review along with other key professionals (i.e. Educational Psychologist, Health professionals and Special Needs Officers). At the Review we will discuss the child’s progress, assess whether the objectives have been met and set new objectives where these have been identified as needed.


Pupils in Year 9 will also have a Transitional Review which will discuss the best provision for Key Stage 4 and make plans accordingly. Parents and their home school will be actively involved in making these plans.


Every pupil at Alderwood will have an Individual pupil profile. This will help staff to work with pupils and parents/carers to identify, plan and respond to their learning and behavioural needs.


At Alderwood we recognise that Parents/carers are the experts on their children. Along with their children, they are central to the process of decision making about how best to support their child. However, we are here to advise and seek other professional services to make sure parents have as much advice and support as they need to undertake the decision making process.