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Alderwood Vision


Our vision is of happy, healthy, inquisitive individuals within an active learning community.


A community where we are proud to say we belong and we feel safe to cope with the challenge of change.


At Alderwood we will nurture a spirit of adventure: Helping children to help themselves.


Alderwood Academy provides an alternative educational setting at Key Stages 2 and 3 for pupils who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, which prevent them engaging with the opportunities available to them in their school setting.


What the Alderwood community values:


Happiness and Fun; an environment where all members can flourish.


Relationships; It is the variety and talents of the skilled staff team that enable children to build positive relationships with adults and peers of all ages, cultures, abilities and social backgrounds. The people that make up the Alderwood community are its most valued and valuable asset.


Safety; Staff are committed to providing a safe environment for all to develop and grow as individuals, where all members of the community are listened to and their views are valued.


Opportunities to learn; learning is the right of every member of the Alderwood community. We will provide a service that does not discriminate and values the differences between us.


Communication; There should always be time to reflect and evaluate on the day. As a community we will be non-judgemental in our approach to others and their needs; and will work hard to ensure that all voices are heard.


We endeavour to ensure that parents, carers and professionals from health and social services are able to work coherently to determine the needs of children and keep those needs at the centre of our plans.


Alderwood Mission: How we aim to deliver the Alderwood Vision


Learning and Teaching

Where the Alderwood community will create a culture of confidence in everyone to ‘give it a go’.  Learning at Alderwood should be proactive and enquiry based. Learning will be flexible, personalised to the needs of the individual child or young person, tailoring programmes and experiences to the needs, interests and passions of the children. Teaching should challenge adults and young people to actively improve their outcomes.



The core of the curriculum will be focused on improving literacy and numeracy.  It should be a creative and flexible curriculum, focussing on basic academic skills interconnected with a range of enriching and adventurous learning experiences that develop social and emotional awareness and skills for life; changing with the pupils and for the pupils.



Alderwood staff are confident to turn any space into a learning environment. The learning environment within and around Alderwood will be safe and aim to stimulate and inspire adults, children and young people equally. It should reflect children’s learning and be and feel safe enough to build relationships and challenging enough to build confidence and self esteem. All children should have access to a variety of learning environments both within the schools and within their close and wider community. They should have access to a variety of experiences in both wilderness and urban outdoor spaces and within the classroom.  All children who have a full time placement should have an opportunity to be part of a residential experience.


Pupil Safety and Behaviour

Alderwood aims to provide a safe working environment for all. This is achieved by a commitment to the collective responsibility for safeguarding of all members of the Alderwood community.  The behaviour policy reflects consistently applied and positive strategies, that build upon achievable steps, enjoyment and mutual respect for each other and then recognises and celebrates that success.  Highly trained staff aim to ensure consistency of boundaries and a flexible attitude to the needs, abilities and individual circumstances of vulnerable children and adults.  We will always consider the risks of what we do, and how we can minimise these, accepting and reflecting regularly on the consequences of our decisions.


Leadership and Management

The leadership and management teams strive at all times to model what they expect from others. The leadership team will actively communicate with the Alderwood community, valuing the contribution of all and working in collaboration with the staff, Management Committee and our professional partners.  As a team we will monitor the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, evaluate the available data and act upon this. Ensuring in doing so, that the professional development needs of the staff are identified, planned for and met.

The leadership and management teams will develop and learn, be financially aware and recognise and accept their legal responsibilities. They will recognise and respond to national initiatives and changes in order to maintain the safe, nurturing and inclusive learning community.

At Alderwood PRU we also have a Learning Manifesto: