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Late/Absence Procedures

  • If a child is unwell parents/carers are asked to telephone Alderwood before 9.00am on the first day of illness.
  • It is your responsibility to contact the taxi company to cancel transport if you have it.
  • The staff will keep in regular contact with you to find out when your child is fit to return to school.
  • They will arrange for the taxi to pick up pupils when they are returning to Alderwood.
  • Whenever a pupil is absent, parents should write a letter explaining the reasons. This letter should be brought to Alderwood on the day the pupil returns.


It is our policy to contact home within 10 minutes if a child is not at school and a call has not been received. Where we are not able to make contact a message will be left initially. If no contact is received within an agreed timeframe, the Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher will inform the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). This is so we can be sure all our pupils are safe and in the care of a responsible adult.


If a pupil feels unwell during the day at Alderwood, he/she should tell a Teacher or Behaviour Support Assistant who will decide what is the best thing to do in consultation with the Headteacher.


Alderwood staff will take all reasonable steps to contact parents/carers to discuss their child’s illness and to make decisions together about the best course of action to take.


To help us with this, parents/carers should ensure that we always have up to date contact details.


All medication should be handed to the office staff at the start of the day, clearly labelled with the name of the pupil, name of the medication and the dosage. For long-term medication you will be asked to sign a contract. Please see the Medical Conditions policy.