Technically Music Friday 23rd October 2015


As part of our theme day focusing on the modern music industry pupils visited Punch Studios in Ipswich. One group of pupils had the opportunity to work in the practice studio for IO radio using computer technology to piece together Jingles and Music to experience how an on-line radio programme is put together. Some pupils showed a surprising flare for talking about their music linking their choices.

Another group of pupils got to work in the recording studio using various apps to make their own electronic music. Click below to hear a sample of their work.


Dear Pupils,

I am very proud and excited to tell you all about Alderwood. This is a pupil referral unit where you will be one of only 24 pupils in five classes.  PRU classes will have six pupils, Savannah and Bridge classes will have 4 pupils. We hope you will be happy here.

Alderwood was set up for pupils aged 8 to 14 who have found it difficult to do really well in mainstream schools.  It is part of Suffolk County Council’s Behaviour Support Service.

We believe that every child and young person deserves a high quality education with interesting lessons suited to his/her needs.  Learning is at the centre of all our work.  We also aim to teach our pupils the life skills which will help them to fit more easily into mainstream schools, colleges and the world of work and to play their part as successful members of the wider community.

We hope that after spending the time you need with us you will be able to go back to your mainstream school feeling better about your learning and with the confidence to make a success of your time there.  Before that can happen we hope you will enjoy your work here.


Yours sincerely,


Lindsay Last




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